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Cities in Alameda County 🗺️ | Explore Alameda County Cities & Towns to Visit + Live!

Last Updated on: 7th September 2023, 01:48 pm

If you are considering moving to Alameda County, California, then you may be wondering which city is best for you to settle down in. There are many options when it comes to the different cities in Alameda County. The county has 14 incorporated cities as well as six unincorporated communities, but we will only be exploring 10 of them.

To help you decide which area you should call home, we have put together a list of the best Alameda County cities. We will provide you with useful information and key demographics for each Alameda County city. All of the data comes from the United States Census.

Alameda County, CA

Where is Alameda County? Alameda County is located in central California and is also a part of the San Francisco Bay area. The county is the 7th-most populous county in California and the 21st-most populous county in the United States.

Alameda County is known for its amazing nature. There are more than 350 parks located within the county. Some of the most popular parks include Redwood Regional Park, Coyote Hills Regional Park, and Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park. In addition to nature, Alameda County is also home to popular attractions such as the USS Hornet Sea, Air and Space Museum, the Pacific Pinball Museum, and the Oakland Zoo.

There are also many incredible sports teams located in Alameda County, such as the California Golden Bears, Oakland Athletics, the East Bay FC Stompers, and the Oakland Roots.

If you have older children, you will be happy to know that there are many amazing higher education options in Alameda County. The county is home to top-rated schools such as The University of California, Berkeley, California State University, East Bay, and Chabot College.

Alameda County demographics

  • Alameda County population: 1,682,353
  • Alameda County median age: 37.8
  • Alameda County median household income: $112,017
  • Alameda County median price of housing: $1,075,000
  • Alameda County area: 739 square miles
  • Alameda County density: 2,000 people per square mile
  • Alameda County educational attainment: 89.0% high school degree (or higher), 49.6% bachelor’s degree (or higher)

Cities in Alameda County

#1 Oakland

Oakland is the most populous city and the county seat of Alameda County. Oakland is also the largest city in San Francisco’s East Bay region. It serves as the Bay Area’s trade center, and the Port of Oakland is the busiest port in Northern California and the 5th-busiest port in the country. Oakland is very popular among tourists, and some of the most visited attractions in the area include the Oakland Zoo, Jack London Square, and the Oakland Museum of California.

  • Oakland population: 440,646
  • Oakland population growth: 9.9% increase since 2010
  • Oakland area: 78.03 square miles
  • Oakland median age: 36.5
  • Oakland median household income: $85,628
  • Oakland median house price: $900,000
  • Oakland crime rate: 6,457 crimes per 100,000 people (150.2% higher than state average and 175.2% higher than national average)
  • Oakland map

#2 Fremont

First incorporated in 1956, Fremont is now one of the most populous cities in Alameda County, CA. If you are searching for a job in the technology industry, then Fremont is the place to be. Fremont is the closest East Bay city to the high-tech Silicon Valley network of businesses, and there are over 800 tech companies in the Fremont area. Some of the top companies in Fremont include Salesforce, Google, Facebook, and Apple.

  • Fremont population: 230,504
  • Fremont population growth: 12.7% increase since 2010
  • Fremont area: 88.46 square miles
  • Fremont median age: 38.3
  • Fremont median household income: $153,475
  • Fremont median house price: $1,400,000
  • Fremont crime rate: 2,509 crimes per 100,000 people (2.8% lower than state average and 6.9% higher than national average)
  • Fremont map

#3 Hayward

Situated between Castro Valley, San Leandro, and Union City, Hayward is one of the best cities in Alameda County. When it comes to educational opportunities in Hayward, the options are endless. There are many incredible top-rated schools in Hayward, CA. Hayward is also home to the main campus of California State University, East Bay. In addition to its educational opportunities, Hayward is also known for its wonderful attractions, such as Dry Creek Pioneer Regional Park and the Japanese Gardens.

  • Hayward population: 159,293
  • Hayward population growth: 12.6% increase since 2010
  • Hayward area: 64.06 square miles
  • Hayward median age: 35.5
  • Hayward median household income: $98,837
  • Hayward median house price: $853,000
  • Hayward crime rate: 3,653 crimes per 100,000 people (41.5% higher than state average and 55.7% higher than national average)
  • Hayward map

#4 Berkeley

Berkeley is a sister city to San Francisco and is located in the northern portion of Alameda County. The city is best known for being home to the prestigious University of California, Berkeley. Berkeley is also known for its amazing nature and boasts many amazing outdoor attractions like the Tilden Regional Park, University of California Botanical Garden, and Indian Rock Park. Berkeley is the most densely populated area in Alameda County, with a population density of over 11,000 people per square mile.


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  • Berkeley population: 121,485
  • Berkeley population growth: 11% increase since 2010
  • Berkeley area: 17.66 square miles
  • Berkeley median age: 31.1
  • Berkeley median household income: $97,834
  • Berkeley median house price: $1,425,000
  • Berkeley crime rate: 4,963 crimes per 100,000 people (92.3% higher than state average and 111.6% higher than national average)
  • Berkeley map

#5 San Leandro

San Leandro is one of the best cities in Alameda County for anyone working in manufacturing and retail. The city is home to many corporate businesses such as JanSport, The North Face, Ghirardelli, and Maxwell House. The city also has five major shopping centers that bring in a lot of income for San Leandro. Some of the top attractions in San Leandro include Marina Park, San Leandro Marina, and Drake’s Brewing Company.

  • San Leandro population: 90,025
  • San Leandro population growth: 8.7% increase since 2010
  • San Leandro area: 15.52 square miles
  • San Leandro median age: 40.7
  • San Leandro median household income: $89,663
  • San Leandro median house price: $850,000
  • San Leandro crime rate: 4,346 crimes per 100,000 people (68.4% higher than state average and 85.3% higher than national average)
  • San Leandro map

#6 Livermore

Livermore is situated in the Tri-Valley region just east of the San Francisco Bay Area. The city is known for being California’s oldest wine region and is home to many award-winning wineries, such as Concannon Vineyard, Cresta Blanca Winery, and Wente Vineyards. The area is also known for being a hub for science, technology, research, and innovation. Some top employers in the area include the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Sandia National Laboratories, and Lam Research.


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  • Livermore population: 89,699
  • Livermore population growth: 14.2% increase since 2010
  • Livermore area: 26.45 square miles
  • Livermore median age: 39.8
  • Livermore median household income: $139,904
  • Livermore median house price: $1,120,000
  • Livermore crime rate: 1,853 crimes per 100,000 people (28.2% lower than state average and 21.0% lower than national average)
  • Livermore map

#7 Pleasanton

Pleasanton is one of the Alameda County, California cities with the most history. Before its establishment in the 1850s, it was home to many Native American tribes. Today, it is best known for its beautiful weather and amazing job opportunities. Pleasanton is home to the headquarters of Safeway, Workday, Ellie Mae, and Blackhawk Network Holdings. Some of the city’s top attractions include Pleasanton Ridge Regional Park and Alameda County Fairgrounds. Pleasanton is one of the safest cities in Alameda County, with a crime rate that is well below the state and national averages.

  • Pleasanton population: 81,717
  • Pleasanton population growth: 19.8% increase since 2010
  • Pleasanton area: 24.27 square miles
  • Pleasanton median age: 42.4
  • Pleasanton median household income: $167,932
  • Pleasanton median house price: $1,650,000
  • Pleasanton crime rate: 1,542 crimes per 100,000 people (40.3% lower than state average and 34.3% lower than national average)
  • Pleasanton map

#8 Alameda

Not to be confused with the county itself, the city of Alameda is located in the East Bay Region. The city is mostly located on Alameda Island but also reaches Bay Farm Island and Coast Guard Island. Alameda was originally a part of the Oakland area until deciding to separate itself in 1853 and become its own city. However, those living in Alameda have easy access to the cities of Oakland and San Francisco, making it a great option for commuters. Some popular Alameda attractions include the Pacific Pinball Museum, Robert W. Crown Memorial State Beach, and Faction Brewing. Alameda has a warm-summer Mediterranean climate, meaning the area experiences warm (but not hot) summers and cool (but not cold) winters.


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  • Alameda population: 78,522
  • Alameda population growth: 8.3% increase since 2010
  • Alameda area: 22.98 square miles
  • Alameda median age: 40.6
  • Alameda median household income: $113,339
  • Alameda median house price: $1,075,000
  • Alameda crime rate: 3,431 crimes per 100,000 people (32.9% higher than state average and 46.2% higher than national average)
  • Alameda map

#9 Union City

When it comes to Alameda County cities, you can’t skip out on Union City. Union City was first incorporated in 1959 and combined the communities of Alvarado and Decoto. This beautiful city is known for its top-rated attractions, such as Union Landing, iFLY Indoor Skydiving, and the Union City Historical Museum. Union City is one of the most diverse cities in Alameda County with a racial and ethnic composition of 50.9% Asian, 23.9% White, 20.0% Filipino, 12.0% Indian, 12.0%, 6.3% Black or African American, 10.4% other races, and 6.7% from two or more races. Hispanic or Latino of any race are 22.9%.

  • Union City population: 74,722
  • Union City population growth: 9.8% increase since 2010
  • Union City area: 19.22 square miles
  • Union City median age: 38.4
  • Union City median household income: $127,828
  • Union City median house price: $985,000
  • Union City crime rate: 2,840 crimes per 100,000 people (10.0% higher than state average and 21.1% higher than national average)
  • Union City map

#10 Dublin

Once a part of Rancho San Ramon, Dublin was incorporated as a city in February of 1982. Once named Dougherty’s Station, the city changed its name to Dublin in honor of Ireland and the many Irish people who called this California suburb home. Dublin is the richest Alameda County city, with an average household income of $171,168. The city is also one of the fastest-growing cities in Alameda County, with a 43% population increase over the past decade. This makes Dublin the second fastest-growing city in the state, just behind Santa Clara. Residents living in Dublin enjoy popular attractions such as Emerald Glen Park and Earl Anthony’s Dublin Bowl. Dublin is home to headquarters for many companies like Patelco Credit Union, Ross Stores, TriNet, Medley Health, CallidusCloud, Challenge Dairy, and Arlen Ness.

  • Dublin population: 61,240
  • Dublin population growth: 43.6% increase since 2010
  • Dublin area: 15.23 square miles
  • Dublin median age: 36.7
  • Dublin median household income: $171,168
  • Dublin median house price: $1,420,000
  • Dublin crime rate: 1,487 crimes per 100,000 people (42.4% lower than state average and 36.6% lower than national average)
  • Dublin map

Cities in Alameda County Map

How Many Cities Are in Alameda County?

There are 14 cities and six unincorporated communities in Alameda County.

What Is the Most Populous City in Alameda County?

Oakland is the most populous city in Alameda County.

What Is the Wealthiest City in Alameda County?

Dublin is the wealthiest city in Alameda County, with an average household income of $171,168.

Which City Is the Largest in Land Size?

Fremont is the largest in land size.

What Is the Most Crowded City Instate?

Berkeley is the most crowded city instate. Berkeley has a population density of 11,917 people per square mile.

Which one of Alameda County’s Cities is Right for You?

Any one of these cities in Alameda County would be a great place to call home. When you are ready to make the move, then let AMS Relocation help you. Our trustworthy team is ready to make your upcoming move a great one! Give us a call today at 650-284-2931 to discuss your move and get started with a free quote!




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