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Churches in San Jose, CA

Churches in San Jose, CA [2023] | 🛐 San Jose Churches Guide of all Denominations

You’ll find many popular San Jose churches to choose from based on your faith, religion, or belief system. The area has numerous places of worship where people can hear the word of God and spend time with people who have similar beliefs. Find the top-rated Catholic, Baptist, non-denominational, and Christian churches in San Jose on this helpful list.

1. Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish – Catholic Place of Worship

As the top-rated Catholic church in San Jose, the Sacred Heart of Jesus Parish was established back in 1925. The church is led by Reverend Luis Vargas who oversees the weekly meetings and follows the basic teachings of the Catholic faith.

The core belief system they follow is to provide a safe place for anyone who seeks the Lord. They strive to be stewards of God’s will and commit themselves to represent the love of Christ while serving those in need.

Their location offers weekly sacraments and also provides services for weddings, Quinceañeras, funerals, and memorial services.


Church Service Times:

  • Saturdays @ 5 pm and Sundays @ 9 am

2. Family Community Church – Top Non-Denominational Church

The team at Family Community Church is led by head Pastor Bill Buchholz along with other fellow pastors including Colton Farrar, Scott Fischer, Rebecca Morrison, Lily Olgiati, and more. Started in 1983, it is a non-denominational church in San Jose that doesn’t follow a specific faith or religion.

The core beliefs shared at Family Community Church begin with God being the Ruler of the universe who exists with three personalities: Father, Son, and the Holy Spirit. They believe Jesus Christ lived a sinless life here on earth and served as a sacrifice for humanity’s sins. They teach from the Bible and share about how salvation is given to those who accept and receive the Holy Spirit.


Church Service Times:

  • Sundays @ 9 am & 10:45 am 

3. Grace Baptist Church – Safe Place of Worship for Baptists

Reverend George Oliver is the head of Grace Baptist Church, along with Benton Stokes who serves as the Minister of Worship and Art. Their proclaimed mission is to “forge a spiritual community using [their] God-given resources in service of restoring and nurturing wholeness in all of creation.”

Ranked among the best Baptist churches in San Jose, this campus focuses on the main belief that Jesus Christ is the Redeemer and that through Him people are given eternal fellowship with God. The church leadership reads for the Bible to provide authority to their teachings.


Church Service Times:

  • Sundays @ 11:00 am

4. Westminster Presbyterian Church – Top San Jose Church for Presbyterians

The Westminster Presbyterian Church was started in 1891, making it one of the oldest San Jose Presbyterian churches. Their congregation is led by Pastor and Head of Staff Reverend Dr. Bryan Franzen.


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As a nice place of worship, the church proclaims the Word of God and enacts its teaching through sacrament. Leaders invite members to “discover the Word in the world, ​and be sent to follow the Word into the world.” Throughout the week, people are able to attend various activities and events including weekly Bible study and other meetings.


Church Service Times:

  • Sundays @ 10:30 am

5. Our Lady of Guadalupe Church – Bilingual San Jose Catholic Church

Among the most trusted Catholic churches in San Jose, Our Lady of Guadalupe Church offers services in both English and Spanish. The congregation is a member of the Diocese of San Jose, ensuring that they follow the regulated teachings within the worldwide belief system.

Throughout the week, people can attend daily mass readings, learn the proper Catholic way to pray, and learn prayers they can say on their own. Mass includes teaching the sacraments to ensure members know the faith and understand what they represent.


Church Service Times:

  • Saturdays @ 5 pm & Sundays @ 9:30 am (Spanish sessions also available)

6. Bethel Church of San José – Popular Mega Church in San Jose

As one of the largest churches in San Jose, Bethel Church is often considered a mega church in the area. Weekly sermons are shared by Lead Pastor Frank Silverii, who is the head of their congregation.

Their leadership shares the church’s core beliefs by using the acronym “JESUS”:

  • Jesus at the center
  • Every person counts
  • Spread truth in love
  • Unity Always
  • Sacrifice for what’s eternal

As an Assemblies of God Church, Bethel Church of San Jose follows the standard 16 Fundamental Truths that coincide with this organization.


Church Service Times:

  • Sundays @ 9 am & 11 am

7. The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints – Family-friendly Christian Church in San Jose

The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is a worldwide organization with a membership of nearly 17 million people. As one of the biggest Christian churches in San Jose, the faith is focused on Jesus Christ as the Savior and Redeemer at the center of their beliefs. It is a family-oriented church that emphasizes the need to establish strong relationships that are eternal, not only for this mortal life.


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Members of the church learn from the scriptures including the Holy Bible, The Book of Mormon, the Doctrine and Covenants, and the Pearl of Great Price. Another foundational belief is that everyone may be saved from sin through obedience to the laws and ordinances of Christ’s Gospel.

Location & Church Service Times:

8. St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church – Best Lutheran Church in San Jose

At St. Timothy’s Lutheran Church, they believe in one Triune God, which includes the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit. Members follow Jesus as their Savior and believe the Bible is the Word of God along with the Apostles, Nicene, and Athanasian Creeds. Additional teachings they follow include the Unaltered Augsburg Confession and the other writings in the Book of Concord.

Leading this local San Jose Lutheran church is Jim Cords who was ordained as a minister in 1990 and serves as the church’s Senior Pastor. He is joined by fellow pastor Jonna Bohigian as well as visiting pastors Judy and Jim Bangsund.


Church Service Times:

  • Sundays @ 9 am & 11 am

9. Echo.Church – North San Jose Campus

The highest-rated non-denominational church in San Jose is the widely recognized Echo.Church. When this local church was started in 2008, it was previously called South Bay Church. Leadership later changed it to Echo.Church in January 2018.


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Pastor Filipe Santos leads the campus in San Jose as he teaches their main values including trust in God, personal responsibility for spiritual growth, and overcoming obstacles as mere opportunities. The main beliefs they follow include The Bible, God, Jesus Christ, the Holy Spirit, and the need for salvation to overcome mankind’s alienation from God.


Church Service Times:

  • Sundays @ 8:30 am, 10 am, & 11:30 am

Map of Churches in San Jose, CA

Which of These San Jose Churches Sounds Right for You?

It doesn’t matter if you are a Catholic, a Presbyterian, a Baptist, or a non-denominational Christian, because there are great churches in San Jose to serve every belief system. This list will help you discover the place of worship that is right for you and your faith. As soon as you find the local San Jose church that fits, you can visit the location and connect with others in the same space.

If you’re searching for churches before relocating to San Jose, the team at AMS Relocation is here to help handle your relocation. Hire our trusted movers today by calling (650) 284-2931 or fill out the Request a Quote form to get a free moving quote!


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