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Contra Costa County Cities 🏬 | Explore Towns & Cities in Contra Costa County

Last Updated on: 5th February 2024, 07:50 am

Located in the San Francisco Bay Area, Contra Costa County was one of the original 27 counties established in California in 1850 and has been steadily growing ever since. If you are thinking about moving to the area, then you will need to decide which city in Contra Costa County is right for you.

Let’s explore the 10 most populous Contra Costa County cities and discover what makes them stand out. All of the data provided comes directly from the US Census.

Contra Costa County, CA

Where is Contra Costa County? Contra Costa County is located in the San Francisco Bay Area and is bordered by the counties of Solano, Sacramento, San Joaquin, and Alameda. The county is 804 square miles and is divided into three sub-areas: West County, Central County, and East County. The population of Contra Costa County has grown 11.1% over the past decade and is currently sitting at 1.16 million. The county is also a part of the San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley, CA Metropolitan Statistical Area, which has a population of 7.76 million.

Contra Costa County is known for its famous natural attractions, such as John Muir National Historic Site and Eugene O’Neill National Historic Site. The most notable natural landmark in the county is Mount Diablo, which rises 3,849 feet in the Diablo Range.

Contra Costa County Demographics

  • Contra Costa County population: 1.16 million
  • Contra Costa County median age: 40.5
  • Contra Costa County median household income: $110,455
  • Contra Costa County median price of housing: $775,000
  • Contra Costa County area: 804 square miles
  • Contra Costa County density: 1,613.9 people per square mile
  • Contra Costa County educational attainment: 89.7% high school degree (or higher), 44.1% bachelor’s degree (or higher)

Cities In Contra Costa County

What cities are in Contra Costa County? Here is a full list of cities in Contra Costa County. 

#1 Concord

Concord is one of the most popular cities in Contra Costa County. Concord is the 8th-largest city in the Bay Area and features gorgeous homes that date back to before World War II. The area is primarily residential, but you will find exciting attractions such as Six Flags Hurricane Harbor Concord as well as Matteo’s Dream Playground in the city. Concord is a very diverse city, and 28.5% of residents living in the area are foreign-born.


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  • Concord population: 125,410
  • Concord population growth %: 2.7% increase since 2010
  • Concord area: 30.6 square miles
  • Concord median age: 40.4
  • Concord median household income: $100,011
  • Concord median house price: $735,000
  • Concord crime rate: 3,234 crimes per 100,000 people (25.3% higher than state average and 37.9% higher than national average)
  • Concord Map

#2 Richmond

Richmond is one of the many cities in West Contra Costa County. The city sits on the shores of both San Francisco Bay and San Pablo Bay and is only 17.8 miles away from the city of San Francisco. Its close proximity to San Francisco makes the city popular among young professionals who commute to the city for work at major companies such as Kaiser Permanente, Oracle Park, and St Francis Memorial Hospital.

  • Richmond population: 116,448
  • Richmond population growth %: 12.2% increase since 2010
  • Richmond area: 30 square miles
  • Richmond median age: 39
  • Richmond median household income: $79,478
  • Richmond median house price: $614,000
  • Richmond crime rate: 4,268 crimes per 100,000 people (65.4% higher than state average and 81.9% higher than national average)
  • Richmond Map

#3 Antioch

When it comes to cities in Contra Costa County California, you can’t skip out on Antioch. Antioch is a popular choice for nature lovers as the city borders attractions such as Black Diamond Mines Regional Preserve, Contra Loma Regional Park, and Antioch/Oakley Regional Shoreline. The city is also popular among families, with 59% of households occupied by married couples and an average household size of 3.1 persons. This is 20% higher than the figure in the San Francisco-Oakland-Berkeley, CA metro area.


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A post shared by City of Antioch (@cityofantioch)

  • Antioch population: 111,291
  • Antioch population growth %: 12.6% increase since 2010
  • Antioch area: 29.2 square miles
  • Antioch median age: 37
  • Antioch median household income: $82,244
  • Antioch median house price: $625,000
  • Antioch crime rate: 2,943 crimes per 100,000 people (14.0% higher than state average and 25.4% higher than national average)
  • Antioch Map

#4 San Ramon

Located just 34 miles east of San Francisco, San Ramon is one of the best cities in Contra Costa County. San Ramon is popular among families due to its top-rated schools and low crime rates. It is arguably the safest city in Contra Costa County, with crime rates that are well below the state and national averages. Children make up about 30% of the city’s population, and you’ll find highly-rated schools in the area, such as Bollinger Canyon Elementary School, Pine Valley Middle School, and Dougherty Valley High School. The latter school is ranked by US News as the 19th-best school in California.

  • San Ramon population: 84,605
  • San Ramon population growth %: 17.2% increase since 2010
  • San Ramon area: 20.1 square miles
  • San Ramon median age: 41.5
  • San Ramon median household income: $173,519
  • San Ramon median house price: $1.39 million
  • San Ramon crime rate: 1,111 crimes per 100,000 people (57.0% lower than state average and 52.6% lower than national average)
  • San Ramon Map

#5 Pittsburg

Pittsburg is one of the most affordable cities in Contra Costa County. The city has some of the lowest real estate prices in the area, with an average home price that is well below the California average of $799,200. Pittsburg is popular among young adults and college students, with the highest percentage of its population ranging from 20 to 29 years of age (17%). This is no surprise as the city is home to Los Medanos College, which is a two-year community college that is part of the Contra Costa Community College District.

  • Pittsburg population: 76,416
  • Pittsburg population growth %: 20.7% increase since 2010
  • Pittsburg area: 17.7 square miles
  • Pittsburg median age: 36.2
  • Pittsburg median household income: $88,343
  • Pittsburg median house price: $613,500
  • Pittsburg crime rate: 2,792 crimes per 100,000 people (8.2% higher than state average and 19.0% higher than national average)
  • Pittsburg Map

#6 Walnut Creek

If you are searching for diverse cities in Contra Costa County, then check out Walnut Creek. Walnut Creek has a wide variety of neighborhoods with everything from a bustling downtown area with apartment-style living to forested areas with large homes. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Walnut Creek is $2,575 per month. You will find plenty of fun things to do in Walnut Creek, including Castle Rock Park, Mount Diablo State Park, and Broadway Plaza Shopping Center.

  • Walnut Creek population: 70,127
  • Walnut Creek population growth %: 9.2% increase since 2010
  • Walnut Creek area: 19.8 square miles
  • Walnut Creek median age: 44.3
  • Walnut Creek median household income: $121,205
  • Walnut Creek median house price: $906,000
  • Walnut Creek crime rate: 3,040 crimes per 100,000 people (17.8% higher than state average and 29.6% higher than national average)
  • Walnut Creek Map

#7 Brentwood

Brentwood is one of the fastest-growing Contra Costa County cities. The city has seen a population growth of 287% since 2000 and a population growth of 24.8% since 2010. Brentwood is also known by the name of “Corn Town,” due to its production of agricultural products like corn, cherries, and peaches. Brentwood has many popular family-friendly attractions such as Blue Goose Park, Veterans Park, and Round Valley Regional Preserve.

  • Brentwood population: 64,292
  • Brentwood population growth %: 24.8% increase since 2010
  • Brentwood area: 14.9 square miles
  • Brentwood median age: 39.8
  • Brentwood median household income: $125,152
  • Brentwood median house price: $750,000
  • Brentwood crime rate: 2,212 crimes per 100,000 people (14.3% lower than state average and 5.7% lower than national average)
  • Brentwood Map

#8 Danville

If you are on the hunt for Contra Costa Towns, then take a look at Danville. Danville is one of the wealthiest towns in Contra Costa County, with a median household income of $181,453. This is more than double the amount in California ($84,097). Along with the high household incomes, come some of the highest home prices in the county. The homes in Danville are large single-family homes with spacious yards and big driveways. Most homes in the town sell for over $1 million, and the prices don’t seem to be going down any time soon. Prices are up 9.6% compared to last year.

  • Danville population: 43,582
  • Danville population growth %: 3.6% increase since 2010
  • Danville area: 18.1 square miles
  • Danville median age: 46.9
  • Danville median household income: $181,453
  • Danville median house price: $1.83 million
  • Danville crime rate: 580 crimes per 100,000 people (77.5% lower than state average and 75.3% lower than national average)
  • Danville Map

#9 Oakley

First incorporated in 1999, Oakley is one of the newest cities in Contra Costa County. Oakley is known for its nearly 700 acres of vineyards, which produce grapes for many of the county’s local wineries. The city is incredibly safe, with a crime rate that is below the national and state averages. Because of this safety, the city is popular among families, and 75% of the households in Oakley are occupied by married couples, and the average household size is 3.4. You will also find top-rated schools in Oakley such as Oakley Elementary School, Delta Vista Middle School, and Freedom High School.


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A post shared by City Of Oakley (@cityofoakley)

  • Oakley population: 43,357
  • Oakley population growth %: 22.3% increase since 2010
  • Oakley area: 15.9 square miles
  • Oakley median age: 35.5
  • Oakley median household income: $109,806
  • Oakley median house price: $685,000
  • Oakley crime rate: 1,199 crimes per 100,000 people (53.5% lower than state average and 48.9% lower than national average)
  • Oakley Map

#10 Martinez

Martinez is the county seat of Contra Costa County and is located on the southern shore of the Carquinez Strait. When living in Martinez, you can enjoy fun attractions like the Radke Martinez Regional Shoreline Park and Rankin Park. Martinez has amazing waterfront views, and the city is one of two places in the Bay Area where the Bay Area Ridge Trail and the San Francisco Bay Trail converge. Martinez is popular among renters and is home to luxury complexes such Lotus Apartments and Napa Green Apartments. The average rent in Martinez is $2,213 per month, according to RentCafe.

  • Martinez population: 37,287
  • Martinez population growth %: 4.0% increase since 2010
  • Martinez area: 12.6 square miles
  • Martinez median age: 41.8
  • Martinez median household income: $114,390
  • Martinez median house price: $799,000
  • Martinez crime rate: 1,648 crimes per 100,000 people (36.1% lower than state average and 29.8% lower than national average)
  • Martinez Map

Cities In Contra Costa County Map

Check out this map of the cities in Contra Costa County CA.

FAQ Section

How Many Cities Are There in Contra Costa County?

There are 19 cities in Contra Costa County CA. In addition to these cities, there are several additional unincorporated communities and towns in Contra Costa County.

What Is the Most Populous City in Contra Costa County?

When ranking the cities in Contra Costa County by population, Concord is the clear winner. The city has a population of 125,410

What Is the Wealthiest City in Contra Costa County?

Out of all of the Contra Costa County cities, Danville is the wealthiest. The city has a median household income of $181,453.

What Is the Largest City in Contra Costa County?

Concord is the largest city in Contra Costa County, with an area of 30.6 square miles.

What Is the Most Crowded City Instate?

Out of all of the Contra Costa County towns and cities, Brentwood is the most crowded instate. The city has a population density of 4,447.9 people per square mile.

Which of Contra Costa County’s Cities Is Right for You?

All Contra Costa County cities are unique in their own way. But which one is a good fit for your family? Once you have found the perfect city to call home, get in touch with the team at AMS Relocation. Our expert moving team will make sure you get settled into your new home quickly and safely. Give us a call today at (650) 284-2931 to get started with a free quote.


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