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How to Declutter Before a Move

Last Updated on: 13th January 2024, 07:26 am

One of the perks of moving is that it gives you a chance to get rid of things that are just taking up space. From that project piece you never got around to finishing to the jeans that were your favorite in college and are now just a reminder that you love pasta, getting rid of things will make you feel free. Follow these tips to purge before your move, and enjoy a clutter-free existence in your new home—at least for a while!

Start Now

Don’t wait until crunch time to start decluttering. If you do, you’ll be under that last-minute pressure and won’t be as likely to take the necessary time to go through your belongings. The earlier you can start the better. Tackle one closet or one room at a time. Once you decide to get rid of something, don’t look back.

The Three Pile Method

As you’re going through your things, have three piles going:

  • Stuff you’re keeping
  • Stuff you’re tossing
  • Stuff you’re donating

To save time, try to handle each thing only once. If it’s getting tossed, it goes straight into a trash bag. If it’s to be donated, it goes right into a box to drop off at the thrift store. If you’re keeping it, either set it aside for the Bay Area residential movers to pack or, if you’re doing the packing yourself, right into a moving box it goes!

Does it Bring You Joy?

A popular decluttering method declares that the true test of whether to keep or toss an item is about one thing: Whether or not it brings you joy. Hold it in your hands. If it brings you joy, it stays. If not, off it goes. Sounds simple and maybe a little cheesy, but the idea of getting rid of everything that doesn’t bring you joy is rather appealing. Of course, this method doesn’t apply to things you need for your health and upkeep of your home, so the vacuum cleaner and elliptical machine stay!

You Don’t 75 Towels

There’s a saying that you can never have too many towels. That’s a lie. Unless you’re running an animal rescue, you don’t need an endless supply of towels. This is true of most things. If you have duplicates of items, use the move to get rid of them. Make a box of household goods to give to a young neighbor just starting out or otherwise donate them—but don’t bring this excess to your new home.

Getting rid of unnecessary things before a move will make your move easier and will allow you to create an enjoyable, clutter-free space in your new home!

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