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How to Unpack…

Wouldn’t it be great to unpack everything in one day? Not going to happen. Keep in mind that everything that was packed likely was wrapped in either paper or bubble wrap. This creates a ton of trash/recyclables when unpacking. This means it takes more time to unpack each box. Good question to ask neighbors is which day is trash day.

Despite all the trash that will accumulate, you still have to unpack, so where do you begin? My advice… start with the linens for each room. A house feels like a home to me when I can sleep in my own bed. Hopefully, the movers or you labeled things well so each room has their linens already in there. Make each bed and then look for the boxes with the pillows. At least you will be sleeping in your own bed that night. Next items I suggest unpacking are clothing and kitchen items. The clothes shouldn’t take too long because hopefully they were all folded when they went in the box and kitchen items should be grouped together. Remember to break down each box after you unpack it. If you have kids, feel free to keep a few boxes for play time. My three year old enjoys using a box as a rocket ship or even a fire house. Aim for a few boxes each day so to not overwhelm yourself with finding items or places for the items. #movingmakeeasy #unpacking #nostressunpacking


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