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What’s Living in Morgan Hill CA Like? [2024] | Moving to Morgan Hill ULTIMATE Guide

Last Updated on: 13th January 2024, 07:29 am

If you love luxury and class, you’ll love Morgan Hill! Rated as one of the most expensive places to live in the United States according to Forbes, Morgan Hill is known for its beautiful residences which are inhabited by Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, located in the center of Santa Clara County. Morgan Hill’s history is as long as it is interesting. Originally inhabited by the Ohlone people, the Spanish would colonize the area in the late 1700s. Following Mexico’s independence, the area became a ranch, where it was eventually inherited by Diana Murphy and her husband, Miram Morgan Hill. They would eventually choose to liquidate most of their ranch, which led to the sale of many parcels of land to various developers. Those who would come to live here referred to the area as “Morgan Hill’s Ranch”, which was eventually shortened to “Morgan Hill”. Nowadays, Morgan Hill is the very essence of affluence, and is home to some of the best and brightest of America’s boisterous tech industry.

Morgan Hill, CA Population & Demographics

Morgan Hill has a population of 43,786, which is spread out amongst the 12 miles the town takes up at a distribution of around 3,400 residents per square mile. Even though Morgan Hill’s affluence might initially lead you to believe the town to have a very old population, this community’s average age is only 38.6, which is relatively young for towns with similar average incomes. Demographically, Morgan Hill is very diverse, with a majority Caucasian population (49%), as well as significant Hispanic and Asian populations (33% and 12% respectively).

Morgan Hill’s zip code is 95037, and its area codes are 408 and 669.

Want to begin your journey in moving to Morgan Hill, but wondering if Morgan Hill is safe? Don’t worry, because Morgan Hill’s crime rate is 33% below the national average! You can expect little to no violent crime, with rates being 70% below the national average, as well as a lowered rate of property crime, at 27% below the national average. Rest assured, Morgan Hill is a safe place to live!

Cost of Living in Morgan Hill, CA

Those planning on living in Morgan Hill, CA should know that the cost of living here is about 88% higher than the national average. Housing prices account for the vast majority of this increased cost, with housing costs being 221% more expensive than the national average according to Payscale, and an average home here costing you an average of $799,100. Additionally, groceries will cost you 48% more than the national average, transportation 21% more, and utilities 8% more. Renting in Morgan Hill is also heavy on the wallet, with the average rent in the area being $2,945.

When we say Morgan Hill is affluent and luxurious, we really mean it! However, Morgan Hill’s prices are justified by its entertainment, beautiful homes, and more!


Bekins AMS Relocation recommends Adam Warrick for buying or selling your home in Morgan Hill, CA!

Morgan Hill, CA Schools & Colleges

Morgan Hill is served by the Morgan Hill Unified School District, which has earned awards like the California Gold Ribbon for excellent public schooling, and is also home to plenty of great private schools. You might be interested in Morgan Hill Unified School District’s plethora of camps and events to aid your child’s learning process, which are hosted year round. Institutions of learning like the Charter School of Morgan Hill and the Sobrato High School will ensure your child is set on the path to success!

Are you, a spouse, or a family member interested in higher education? Morgan Hill is home to plenty of top-rated and reputable colleges! Within 25 miles, those living in Morgan Hill will have access to colleges such as the Gavilan College, an excellent two year university for getting your associates, and the studious and scholarly Jesuit Santa Clara University, to name a few. There’s plenty of fantastic options for higher education in Morgan Hill!

Morgan Hill, CA Climate & Weather

Like most places in southern and central California, Morgan Hill is a Mediterranean climate, so you can expect comfortable temperatures year-round. You can expect highs of 87 degrees Fahrenheit during the summer months, and lows of 39.7 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter months. Morgan Hill gets less rain than the national average, with 21.3 inches per year as compared to 38.1 inches per year. You can also breathe a sigh of relief, as it never snows in Morgan Hill! If you’re planning on visiting this community, consider visiting during June or September.

Best Neighborhoods in Morgan Hill, CA

There’s no lack of options for great neighborhoods in Morgan Hill! All the neighborhoods here are affluent and beautiful, sure to impress almost anyone. For instance, the historic neighborhood Madrone is filled to the brim with historic sites and architectures from Spain’s colonization, meaning you’ll be able to live amongst history for a truly unique experience!

Looking for something a little more spread out? Located right next to Madrone is Coyote, an unincorporated town which has plenty of open land and ranches for the authentic rugged Californian experience!

This is just a small sampling of the many beautiful and classy neighborhoods in Morgan Hill! Check out a few more wonderful communities in Morgan Hill below:

If you’re looking for Morgan Hill, CA homes for sale, you can take a look at available homes here.

Jobs in Morgan Hill, CA

Those looking to make a living in Morgan Hill will be glad to know that wages have been increasing, with wages growing by 1.8% last year. However, this is counteracted by a whopping 88% increase in cost of living. The most prolific employers here are Specialized Bicycles and Components, Anritsu Company, and Toray Composites, and the most popular jobs here are process engineer and mechanical engineer. The average hourly wage in Morgan Hill is $20.22 per hour, while the average salary is $75k a year.

Morgan Hill is at the heart of Silicon Valley, and that means that if you want to succeed here, your best bet will be something to do with engineering and programming. If you want to see the currently available jobs in Morgan Hill, you can take a look here.

Things to Do in Morgan Hill, CA

Morgan Hill, CA provides very convenient shopping at centers like the Vineyard Town Shopping Center, as well as highly rated stores like 2Day’s Moda and Murphy’s Mercantile. Also, you may be interested in directions from Morgan Hill to nearby San Jose, if business takes you there. However, Morgan Hill is also home to plenty of fantastic attractions for the whole family!

Castillo’s Hillside Shire Winery

Situated on a beautiful estate, Castillo’s Hillside Shire Winery brings people from all over California with their excellent selection. If you’re someone who loves the taste of luxury, there’s few options better in Morgan Hill than Castillo’s.

2215 Liberata Dr, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, (408) 776-8200

Anderson Lake County Park

Anderson Lake County Park is a park surrounding the artificial Anderson Lake, located right here in Morgan Hill! Featuring everything from kayaking to fishing, Anderson Lake is a great activity with your family and children!

19245 Malaguerra Ave, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, (408) 779-3634

Additional attractions to see in Morgan Hill:

Places to Eat in Morgan Hill, CA

Don’t think that Morgan Hill’s attractions can dwarf its eateries! There’s plenty of wonderful restaurants to eat at in this community.

Ladera Grill

A local upscale restaurant started here in Morgan Hill, Ladera Grill is a cozy grill serving all kinds of luxurious comfort meals! With a plethora of master chefs at their disposal, Ladera’s is sure to please!

17305 Monterey Rd, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, (408) 201-9200

Betsy’s Restaurant

Authentic American cuisine is the name of Betsy’s game, and she delivers! This local, family owned business in Morgan Hill provides the full range of true Americana in their wonderful dishes!

650 Tennant Station, Morgan Hill, CA 95037, (408) 779-3721

Tips for Moving to Morgan Hill, CA

  • Engineering is your best bet for gainful employment
  • Enjoy the luxury of Morgan Hill’s upscale neighborhoods
  • Make use of Morgan Hill’s excellent public schools

Ready to take the dive? Want to make Morgan Hill your home? Contact AMS Relocation for great Morgan Hill, CA moving service today!


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