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Living in Marina District San Francisco - What to Know Before Moving to Marina

Living in Marina District San Francisco πŸŒ‰ | Your Quick Guide Before Moving to Marina District

Last Updated on: 28th June 2024, 09:59 am

Living in Marina District San Francisco can be enthralling! The Marina District is best known for its convenient location along the San Francisco Bay. You can enjoy picturesque views of iconic landmarks like the Golden Gate Bridge. The district gets its name from the boat marina adjacent to the community. Its nickname is The Marina.

It’s also a nice place to live, with top attractions, luxurious homes, and great shops. Before you start moving to Marina District San Francisco, you should learn more about this special neighborhood. Here’s what to know about living in the Marina.

Where Is Marina District, San Francisco?

The Marina District is in northern San Francisco. The neighborhood covers 0.778 square miles, and the main Marina District San Francisco ZIP code is 94123. The neighborhood borders Fort Mason, Russian Hill, Union Street, and Cow Hollow. The Marina does not border downtown San Francisco, though it is only 2.6 miles from Marina to Downtown San Francisco. You can commute to a job located in the downtown in ten minutes.

San Francisco Bay is the most prominent geographic feature in or near the Marina. The Presidio of San Francisco borders the Marina to the west. The Marina District contains two major parks, but the neighborhood is otherwise urbanized with businesses and residential buildings.

Residents living in Marina District San Francisco and moving to Marina District San Francisco have access to the San Francisco Muni system. Ten different bus routes serve San Franciscans in the Marina, including Route 22, which connects to San Francisco neighborhoods like Pacific Heights. You can see where these routes are using the Muni system map. Most residents use the Muni bus system to get to work. Residents also bike and walk to work, with many jobs within walking distance of the Marina. If you want to drive, you can use Route 101, which forms the southern border of the Marina.

Map of Marina District San Francisco

Want to find Marina restaurants SF, stylish boutiques, bars, and other services? You can use this handy map of Marina District!

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Marina District History and Overview

The Marina District San Francisco was largely uninhabited and undeveloped land until the 19th century. A sand wall and a road were built in the mid-19th century, and industrial plants began opening along the waterfront. The 1906 San Francisco earthquake devastated the entire city and destroyed nearly all buildings within the neighborhood.

The city chose the area as the site of the Panama-Pacific International Exposition in 1915. Numerous attractions were built in the neighborhood for the expo and then torn down, though a few buildings from the expo remain. The neighborhood then became a residential hub with homes and apartment buildings. The 1989 Loma Prieta earthquake caused extensive damage in the city, so buildings were reconstructed and renovated.

The Marina District is now a quaint residential community. Current Marina District San Francisco demographics include:

  • Population: 12,651
  • Median household income: $120,300
  • Educational attainment: 98.5% of residents older than 25 have graduated high school, 85.3% have a bachelor’s degree
  • Median age: 34
  • Foreign-born population: 15.4%
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 83.5% White (78.2% non-Hispanic), 10.1% Asian, 6.4% Hispanic or Latino, 3.3% two or more races, 1.5% Black or African American

The Marina District is one of the most popular San Francisco neighborhoods for young professionals. Over one-third of Marina residents are between the ages of 25 and 34. It’s also one of the most popular neighborhoods for singles, with over half of all households consisting of singles. 11.3% of the community is under the age of 18, one of the lowest rates among neighborhoods in San Francisco.

What’s It Like Living in Marina District San Francisco?

The exterior of the Palace of Fine Arts

Living in Marina District San Francisco is suitable for nearly everyone. The community is walkable, with all streets laid out in a gridlike fashion. All streets have very wide sidewalks, so you can walk with a stroller or your dog. Streetlights are present everywhere, so you can go for walks at night. Marina SF weather is mild throughout the year, meaning you can go outside without an umbrella or a thick jacket.

Living in Marina District San Francisco is most popular amongst young people. However, the neighborhood contains only a few Marina District bars and nightlife spots. This makes it suitable for people who want a quiet place to live. Lombard Street is the main commercial area in Marina District, so other areas are very quiet at night.

San Francisco is one of the most prominent LGBTQ+ cities in the country. You can find LGBTQ+ singles, couples, and families living in the Marina, though there are no prominent LGBTQ+ points of interest in the neighborhood.

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Things to Do in Marina SF – Best Marina SF Restaurants, Shopping, and Attractions

The Marina District contains or is near some of the best outdoor attractions, restaurants, and clothing stores in the city. Here are some of the top things to do in Marina District San Francisco.

Marina District Restaurants

Round Table Pizza is the top kid-friendly restaurant in the Marina District. You can order pizzas with various special toppings, including artichoke hearts, garlic sauce, and BBQ chicken.

Pacific Catch is one of the best seafood Marina SF restaurants. You can order fresh salmon, shrimp, sea bass, and other seafood with South American, Asian, and Oceanic ingredients. The restaurant has recently renovated its dining room, giving you scenic views of the San Francisco Bay. You can sit on a heated patio or reserve a tiki-inspired indoor booth.

The back wall at Atelier Crenn, a popular place for dinner and wine

Atelier Crenn has received three Michelin stars for its unique and delicious French food. You can enjoy a 12-course tasting menu with rotating dishes, most of which contain no meat. Atelier Crenn went through a renovation in 2023, adding new fixtures like a rock wall and a 25-foot chandelier.

Marina District Stores

The front of Marina Supermarket

Chestnut Street is the main shopping hub in the Marina District. Marina Supermarket has been the top grocery store in the district for over 40 years, offering fresh produce and meat. Once you’ve bought groceries on Chestnut Street, you can shop from several different boutiques within walking distance, including Madewell and Brandy Melville.

Things to Do in Marina District San Francisco

The Palace of Fine Arts is the most famous and popular attraction in Marina District. The palace was originally built in 1915 and contains Greco-Roman architecture, including a lagoon, a rotunda, and colonnades. The Palace of Fine Arts has a theatre with live music, comedy, and special performances, including yoga demonstrations and drag shows.

The theatre at the Palace of Fine Arts, one of the city's top theaters

Marina Green is the top outdoor park in the Marina District. The green offers scenic views of the San Francisco Bay, Golden Gate Bridge, and Alcatraz. It covers 74 acres and is a popular spot for picnics, kite-flying, and lounging on sunny days.

If you want to play an escape room in San Francisco, you can visit Palace Games. Palace Games contains four must do escape rooms and a mini-golf course with unique puzzles and tricks. Palace Games is a top spot for birthday parties and team-building events in San Francisco.

Here is where you can find these things to do in Marina SF:

The San Francisco Recreation and Parks Department maintains parks and green spaces in Marina District, including the Marina Green. The department also organizes and plans free and fun public events, including parties and festivals. You can use the San Francisco Recreation and Parks events calendar to see when these events will take place.

Schools in the Marina District San Francisco

The San Francisco Unified School District (SFUSD) serves all students living in Marina District San Francisco. Two SFUSD elementary schools serve Marina District youth. Children living west of Scott Street attend Cobb Elementary School. Children living east of Scott Street attend Sherman Elementary School. 67% of Sherman Elementary School students test at or above the proficiency level in reading, 20 points higher than the state rate.

Claire Lilienthal Elementary School is in the Marina District. It’s a K-8 school with a unique Korean immersion program that teaches students bilingual skills in English and Korean.

Marina Middle School is in the neighborhood and serves all children living in Marina District San Francisco. Marina Middle School is one of the most diverse middle schools in the city. 56.3% of students identify as Asian or Asian and Pacific Islander, while 19.6% identify as Hispanic or Latino.

The Galileo Academy of Science and Technology is the closest high school to The Marina. Galileo High School is a STEM-focused academy with classes developed by the University of California. US News ranks Galileo High School in the top 250 high schools in California. The school is well known for its top football and JROTC programs.

The Marina is not home to any private schools or colleges. The Marina Branch Library is in Marina District and offers books for children and adults, including Chinese language materials.

The exterior of Marina Branch Library

Do you want your kids to attend San Francisco’s best schools? Call 650-284-2931 for a personalized and free quote for moving to Marina District San Francisco!

Is the Marina District in San Francisco Safe?

Is the Marina District in San Francisco safe? Here are the latest Marina District crime rates:

  • Overall crime rate: 6,462 offenses per 100,000 people (6.9% lower than the San Francisco crime rate, 178.1% higher than the national rate)
  • Violent crime rate: 323 crimes per 100,000 residents (53.6% lower than San Francisco’s rate, 12.7% lower than the national rate)
  • Property crime rate: 6,139 offenses per 100,000 people (1.7% lower than San Francisco’s rate, 214.2% lower than the national rate)

Marina District is among the safest San Francisco neighborhoods, even though its rates are higher than the state and national averages. A San Francisco crime map shows that Marina District reports a few crimes every day. However, these crimes tend to be non-violent property offenses that affect businesses, like public nuisance and shoplifting. You have plenty of safe places to live in the neighborhood. The San Francisco Police Department (SFPD) employs 2,239 police officers who respond to all calls and provide Marina District San Francisco safety.

Marina District San Francisco Real Estate

The Marina District real estate market is diverse and competitive. 202 Marina District San Francisco homes for sale were sold in the neighborhood in 2023 alone. The district contains a mixture of single-family homes and condos. According to Redfin, the median price of Marina District San Francisco homes for sale is $1,695,000. The average price is $1,380 per square foot. The median price of single-family homes is $3,387,500, while the median price of condos is $1,225,000.

Many homes for sale Marina District San Francisco were built in the 1920s. They’ve been rebuilt, renovated, and restored over the years, especially after the 1989 San Francisco earthquake. Homes for sale in Marina District San Francisco have contemporary and lavish features like front gardens, media rooms, and French doors. Architectural styles and interior designs are simple and classy, with high ceilings and energy-efficient windows.

According to RentCafe, the average cost of Marina District apartments is $2,700 a month. The average cost of Marina District apartments is nearly $1,000 a month more expensive than the national average. There are only a few prominent apartment buildings in the neighborhood, though you can rent apartments from various private owners. One, two, and three-bedroom units are available.

Marina Cove Apartments is the most prominent apartment building in the community. The complex contains a fitness center and a heated swimming pool. You can rent an apartment with views of the Golden Gate Bridge and other attractions. Many young professionals live in the complex, paying $2,700 a month for open concept studio and one-bedroom Marina Cove apartments.

The interior of a unit at Marina Cove Apartments

Living in Marina District San Francisco will transform your life! You can buy a spacious and contemporary home and enjoy easy access to top Marina District restaurants and outdoor attractions. Young residents can network with each other at Marina District bars, shops, and other locations throughout the neighborhood.

But you must figure out moving to Marina District San Francisco first. AMS Relocation employs a team of top Marina District movers, with over 75 years of experience. Call 650-284-2931 for a free estimate today.


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