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Mistakes to Avoid When Moving with Kids

Last Updated on: 14th January 2024, 06:45 am

Your kids are your pride and joy, but on moving day? That’s another story! When not managed well, moving brings out the worst in even the most well-behaved children. To find the right balance between happy kids and happy you, our San Jose movers put together this brief list of common mistakes to avoid when moving with your children.

Moving Mistake #1: Not Involving Your Children

Children find comfort in stability, so the very idea of moving can upset the family balance. To help your children cope with this transition, tell them early and fully explain why you’re moving—and why it’ll be so great for them. Here are some fun tips to involve your children in the move:

·  Share pictures of their new school or some local attractions.

·  Let them pack some of their own belongings and donate unwanted items.

·  Throw a going-away party to make memories with their friends.

Moving Mistake #2: Involving Your Children Too Much

While you want your children to feel involved, too much involvement can cause more harm than good. Don’t overburden them with packing or cleaning responsibilities, especially for hazardous, heavy, or breakable items. Feel free to have the kids help out, of course, but also give them space to process the move and enjoy their last days at home. Plus, by giving them an occasional day with the grandparents or a babysitter, you’ll get some breathing room, too.

Moving Mistake #4: Not Getting the Help You Need

When you’re making a household move, you have enough on your plate without worrying about where the kids are and what potential hazards are lurking. To help yourself out, it’s a great idea to work with experienced San Jose residential movers. Whether you want some basic packing assistance or end-to-end move management, you’ll find the experience much less stressful with a team of experts on your side.

Moving Mistake #5: Not Having a Back-Up Plan

Although a dependable San Jose moving company will definitely reduce possible problems, there’s always the chance that your kids will get sick or will lose some precious belonging in the move. Long before moving day, gather a kids’ bag of essentials and prepare a back-up plan; have friends or family members on standby to babysit or run last-minute errands.

Moving with children is certainly a challenge, but it’s not one that you have to face alone. For reliable assistance from seasoned professionals, look no further than AMS Bekins! Our San Jose movers bring over 60 years of experience to every household move, and we’d love to guide your family through this exciting time. To learn more and request your free residential moving consultation and cost estimate, call us or submit our online form now!


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