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Moving Across Town and Logistics of the Move…

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 03:04 am

So you are moving across town, it should be an easy move, right?  Well, just because the distance may not be great, doesn’t mean the move will be a breeze.  Here are some great tips from to make things a little easier.

•  Moving Company or Rental Truck… Do you need one?  Keep in mind, if the answer is no, you will likely make multiple big trips and have to find people to help you.  If you go the truck route, be sure to reserve ahead of time.  If you are moving during peak times, prices go up and companies may be booked.  If moving several heavy items, such as beds and large furniture, hiring a moving company may be the best option, especially if you have small kids (see previous posts for moving with kids).

•  Getting Boxes: Bars and liquor stores always have the best boxes. The boxes they use are already designed to be able to hold large amounts of weight. However, if you know someone who moved recently, see if you can take some of the boxes off their hands.

•  Make Moving Painless: Don’t pack all in one day.  Start months in advance.  Aim to pack a little bit every night. One box can make a big difference.

•  Donate or give away items you don’t want: Remember to get receipts and write-off forms for the value of what was donated.

•  Small Loads: Even if you are using a moving company, you may opt to take some of the incidentals by yourself.  If you are taking several small loads, don’t waste any amount of space on any trip. If you make sure to pack your car full on each trip, you might eliminate 4-5 trips over the course of the move.

•  What to Pack First:  On the smaller trips, start with items you are not currently using, such as seasonal clothing, some sports equipment, holiday items, extra stuff, etc.

•  Heavy Boxes: Put boxes of books and heavy stuff on the floor so that lighter boxes can go on top and always lift with your knees.

•  Stacking Breakables: Find a place on the floor for breakables so that they can’t fall off of anything.

•  Transporting Food: Try to move all the food products in the same load. Too often some things can get separated and forgotten about, then they get spoiled, attract ants, etc. Go through items before packing, i.e. don’t transport a small amount of sugar, when in doubt, throw it out.

•  Packing Bikes: Bike shops have special boxes to pack your bikes

•  Put stuff Away: If you have items that will just go into storage in your new home, such as in the basement or in a closet, be sure to take these boxes straight there. Don’t just drop off boxes right inside the door because it’s easy. Take them where they need to go because you will end up stepping over them throughout the move.

•  Gas up the Truck: Be sure to take the rental truck back with a full tank of gas, as they will charge you an extraordinary amount per gallon if they have to fill it.


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