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Moving to Tiburon CA Guide 🏔️ What it’s Like Living in Tiburon

Moving to Tiburon CA Guide 🏔️ | What it’s Like Living in Tiburon

Last Updated on: 17th November 2023, 10:17 am

Time to head to Tiburon! The Coast Miwok people lived in Tiburon for thousands of years before Spanish settlers arrived in 1775. The area of Tiburon California joined the United States in 1831, and the area remained agricultural and undeveloped for decades. The community started to develop when the San Francisco and North Pacific Railroad was built, and Tiburon became a prosperous railroad and ferry community.

Tiburon California was incorporated as a town in 1964. The name comes from “Tiburón,” the Spanish word for shark. Tiburon is best known for its sweeping views of San Francisco. It’s also a nice place to live, with safe and cozy neighborhoods and luxurious mansions. 

Living in Tiburon is wonderful, and moving to Tiburon CA can be very easy. But you should first learn a little about what this incredible town is like. Here are the basics.

Where Is Tiburon California?

What county is Tiburon CA in? Tiburon California is in Marin County, which is in the San Francisco metropolitan area and the San Francisco Bay Area. Where is Tiburon? The community borders Belvedere, Paradise Cay, Strawberry, and Corte Madera. Tiburon is located on a peninsula surrounded on three sides by San Francisco Bay. It also contains Angel Island, which is just off the coast of the peninsula. The community has paved roads and culdesacs, but it has undeveloped green areas away from the coast. The community also contains many large trees, which gives Tiburon a rural aesthetic.

It is 17 miles from Tiburon to San Francisco. The Golden Gate Ferry runs between Tiburon California and San Francisco seven times a day. It takes roughly 30 minutes for a ferry to get between the two communities, so you can use ferries for getting to work. Golden Gate Transit also offers buses, but all bus routes are just outside of Tiburon California. Route 131 runs through the community and provides access to northern Marin County as well as Interstate 101, which connects to San Francisco.

Tiburon Population and Demographics

The population of Tiburon CA in 2020 was 9,146 people. 2,136 residents are 65 years of age and older, making Tiburon one of the most popular communities amongst older people in the San Francisco area. Tiburon California is also very popular amongst married couples; 78% of households have married couples in them, 17 percentage points higher than the state average. The population rose by 2.1% between 2010 and 2020, and the population density is 2,041.5 people per square mile.

Notable people from Tiburon include Robin Williams, Michael Savage, and Barry Bonds. Tiburon demographics include:

  • 50.5% female, 49.5% male
  • Median age: 49.6
  • Racial and ethnic composition: 81.8% White (80.0% non-Hispanic), 9.1% two or more races, 7.4% Asian, 6.8% Hispanic or Latino, 0.3% American Indian and Alaska Native, 0.2% Black or African American
  • Median household income: $192,292 (roughly 2.3 times higher than the state median)
  • Educational attainment: 98.9% of residents older than 25 have graduated high school, 77.6% have a bachelor’s degree
  • Foreign-born population: 23.1%

Tiburon California is one of the wealthiest cities in Marin County. Tiburon is a very safe community to live in. Here are the FBI crime statistics for the town from 2020:

  • Overall crime rate: 1,011 offenses per 100,000 people (60.8% lower than the state, 56.9% lower than the country)
  • Violent crime rate: 44 crimes per 100,000 residents (90.0% lower than the state, 88.7% lower than the country)
  • Property crime rate: 967 crimes per 100,000 people (54.8% lower than the state, 50.6% lower than the country)

The Tiburon Police Department employs 13 officers and four civilians.

Cost of Living in Tiburon

Some people find it difficult to locate cost of living statistics for Tiburon. You can use statistics for the San Francisco metro area to estimate the cost of living in Tiburon. The San Francisco cost of living index is 194.1; items in the area cost 94.1% higher than the national average. According to the Economic Policy Institute, a family of four in San Francisco would need to earn $159,013 a year to cover the cost of living. While living in Tiburon can be pricey for many people, you can find high-paying Tiburon jobs and rent affordable homes and apartments.

Tiburon real estate is also pricey, but you have opportunities for high-value and affordable properties. According to Redfin, the median price of homes for sale in Tiburon California is $2,350,000, and the average home price in Tiburon CA per square foot is $1,060. These figures are high, but the price of a home has dropped by 21.7% since last year. According to RentCafe, the average price of Tiburon apartments is $5,529 a month.

Typical Tiburon* Living Expenses

  • 1 pound of white rice: $3.08
  • 1 pound of local cheese: $9.57
  • 1 pound of onion: $1.79
  • 1 gallon of gasoline: $5.43
  • Average Tiburon* utilities per month: $252.18
  • 1 pair of jeans: $67.19

Source: Numbeo
*Expenses for San Francisco

Tiburon Neighborhoods | Where to Live in Tiburon

Tiburon California does not have any major neighborhoods, though you can divide the community informally to look for homes for sale. You can find Tiburon homes for sale throughout the town, though homes tend to be near the borders of Tiburon CA. Nearly all properties are single-family homes costing over $1 million, but they are spacious and luxurious. Many Tiburon CA homes for sale cover over 3,000 square feet and contain at least four bedrooms. Properties contain unique amenities like home movie theaters, detached offices, and open-plan living rooms. 

Tiburon CA real estate is primarily for people interested in buying homes. However, you have options for houses and apartments for rent. Many rentable properties are spacious and family-friendly, with two or more bedrooms and amenities like large yards, open patios, and swimming pools. Apartment complexes in Tiburon include The Cove at Tiburon and Vista Belvedere Apartments Tiburon CA.

Tiburon Weather and Climate

Tiburon has a cool-summer Mediterranean climate with long yet mild winters and short but wet winters. September is the hottest month in Tiburon California, with an average temperature of 63 degrees and an average high of 74. The average temperature remains 63 degrees between July and September before declining quickly. January and December are the coldest months, with average temperatures of 50 degrees and an average low of 45. No days in Tiburon are humid, hot, or freezing.

Though the weather in Tiburon remains mild throughout the year, the cloud cover and rain change dramatically from month to month. July and August are the clearest months with 90% clear, mostly clear, and partly cloudy days. The fall and winter are significantly cloudier, with January and February having 54% mostly cloudy or overcast. Tiburon California receives 20.2 inches of rain on average, with 11.7 inches falling during the winter. Tiburon is not known to experience severe weather on a regular basis, so you can remain comfortable throughout the year. You should still check the Tiburon CA weather forecast to see when it will rain.

September is the best month to visit Tiburon. In addition to being the warmest month, September is one of the driest months, receiving just 0.2 inches of rain. You can walk around town wearing a short sleeved shirt and shorts without a coat or scarf and remain completely comfortable.

Things to Do in Tiburon

Tiburon contains numerous unique attractions, particularly must do outdoor points of interest and parks. Tiburon shopping is full of small stores and shopping centers, including the Ark Row Shopping Center. Ark Row is an outside shopping mall with various locally run Tiburon stores, such as Local Spicery and Tiburon Thrift Shop. Other notable local shops in the community include Candy Store on Main Street.

Angel Island

Angel Island State Park contains walking trails, outdoor picnic areas, and boating docks, all offering picturesque views of San Francisco Bay and nearby islands. You can also visit the Angel Island Museum and learn about immigration to San Francisco. Ferries run between Tiburon and Angel Island regularly.

Tiburon, CA, 94920, 415-435-1915

Paradise Beach Park

Paradise Beach Park covers 19 acres and contains a beach, a fishing pier, and launches for kayaks and canoes. The water off the beach is calm, making it a good choice for swimming and paddling.

3450 Paradise Drive, Tiburon, CA, 94920, 415-435-9212

Richardson Bay

Richardson Bay is a natural sanctuary with 10.5 acres of trails and gardens and 900 acres of protected ecosystems and bays. The sanctuary is open to the public throughout the year, and you can attend free lectures and tours with conservation leaders.

376 Greenwood Beach Road, Tiburon, CA, 94920, 415-388-2524

Additional Things to Do in Tiburon

The Tiburon Parks Division maintains public parks in Tiburon. You can use this event calendar to find out what to do in Tiburon.

Tiburon CA Restaurants

As a coastal community, Tiburon is best known for its seafood. You can find fresh seafood and other treats in Tiburon CA restaurants while also enjoying family-friendly experiences.

Luna Blu

Luna Blu is an authentic Italian seafood restaurant with an adult-friendly but cozy atmosphere. You can order brunch specials on Saturday and Sunday, including Sicilian omelettes, as well as rotating specials for lunch, dinner, and brunch. Luna Blu also has an extensive drinks list with cocktails, local wines, and spirits.

35 Main Street, Tiburon, CA, 94920, 415-657-8089

Tiburon Tavern

Tiburon Tavern is a casual neighborhood tavern with rotating seasonal menus. The restaurant is best known for its pinsas, which are hand-pressed pizzas with airy crusts. You can also enjoy salads, burgers, and freshly made coffee.

1651 Tiburon Boulevard Suite B, Tiburon, CA, 94920, 415-435-5996

Sam’s Cafe

Sams Cafe is a riverfront cafe with beautiful views of Angel Island and San Francisco Bay. The cafe serves raw seafood, fish tacos, and steak as well as cocktails and red and white wine.

27 Main Street, Tiburon, CA, 94920, 415-435-4527

Tiburon Jobs

Roughly 4,360 people have jobs in Tiburon. Over one-quarter of residents have management occupations and earn over $270,000 a year. Professional services, finance and insurance, and health care are the three largest job sectors in Tiburon California. Each of these sectors has a median salary of over $170,000 a year, with the finance industry in Tiburon having a median salary of $360,000.

According to Payscale, the average annual salary for Tiburon jobs is $66,00, and the average base hourly rate is $21.36. Major employers in Tiburon California include Digital Foundry, Taxon Biosciences, and Tiburon Peninsula Club. You can use Indeed to apply for jobs in Tiburon, and you can apply for City of Tiburon jobs on the town government’s website.

Tiburon Schools

The Reed Union School District is the main public school district for students living in Tiburon. The district contains three schools. Reed Elementary serves K-2 students, while Bel Aire Elementary serves grades 3-5, and Del Mar Middle School serves grades 6-8. 77% of students at Bel Aire test at or above the proficiency level in mathematics, 38 percentage points higher than the state average.

US News ranks Del Mar in the top 50 middle schools in California. 86% of Del Mar students test at or above the proficiency level in reading, 39 percentage points higher than the state average.

Tiburon California does not have a high school, so students can attend Redwood High School in Larkspur CA. US News ranks Redwood in the top 500 high schools in the country and top 100 in the state. 73% of Redwood students pass at least one AP exam. Redwood is well known for its arts programs, including student-run theater groups and bands.

There are no notable Tiburon private schools or colleges. The closest major college is the College of Marin in Kentfield. The College of Marin is a community college with 35 two-year programs, including nationally-recognized theatre and fine arts programs.

The Belvedere Tiburon Library is the main Tiburon library. The library offers over 200,000 books, CDs, and DVDs you can take out at any time.

Tiburon Statistics and Information

  • County: Marin
  • Tiburon area: 13.22 square miles
  • Tiburon zip code: 94920
  • Tiburon area code: 415 and 628
  • Tiburon elevation: 13 feet
  • Tiburon time zone: Pacific Standard Time (UTC-8)
  • Closest airport to Tiburon: Oakland International Airport (OAK), 37 miles from Tiburon California

Tiburon Map

You can find other incredible things to do, delicious restaurants, and quaint stores using this Tiburon California map.

Moving to Tiburon CA can open doors for you and your family! Children will love the beautiful parks and top schools, while adults will enjoy the comfortable homes and high-paying jobs. 

You can start living in Tiburon once you figure out who the best movers in Tiburon are. AMS Relocation has over 70 years of experience in moving to Tiburon CA. Get a free moving quote by calling 650-284-2931.


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