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Celebrating 75 Years Of Moving The Local Bay Area

Moving from the Bay Area to Sacramento

Moving to Sacramento from the Bay Area 🚚 | #1 Bay Area to Sacramento Movers

Last Updated on: 11th January 2024, 05:08 am

Moving to Sacramento from the Bay Area 🚚 | #1 Bay Area to Sacramento Movers

While relocating is exciting, that’s not to say it isn’t stressful. Long-distance moving can be especially strenuous; it takes time, money, and lots of organizing. A Sacramento long-distance moving company can take over those responsibilities and help alleviate the anxiety a long-distance move causes. Whether you’re moving from the Bay Area to Sacramento for a new job, you’re newly married (or divorced), or you’re simply intrigued by this unique and vibrant city, the best Sacramento moving company can help make your relocation feel easy-peasy.

What Moving to Sacramento is Like

Sacramento, the capital of California, sits on the West Coast of the US; its motto is “Indomitable City.” It has a population of 525,028 and a population density of 5,324.3, making it the 6th largest city in California and the largest in Sacramento County. Sacramento is known for being the political hub of the state.

California's Capitol

Sacramento is located in Northern California and has a famous river flowing through the heart of its city. The weather is predictable and has a Mediterranean Climate Koppen Classification. The summers are hot and dry, and the winters are cold and wet. The temperature varies from 39 degrees Fahrenheit to 94 degrees Fahrenheit. California is no stranger to natural disasters, putting Sacramento at high risk of wildfires and earthquakes.

Sacramento’s high Hispanic population makes it a cultural and vibrant city. The median age in Sacramento is 36.3, making it a popular place for young adults and new families. The ethnic makeup is 30% White, 11% Black, 19% Asian, 2% Islander, 1% Other, 7% two or more, and 29% Hispanic. This diverse group of citizens makes a median household income of $75,311, compared to the $84,421 median household income of the rest of the  Sacramento-Roseville-Folsom, CA Metro Area.

Notable people from Sacramento:

  • Sam Elliot
  • Holly Fields
  • Sam J. Jones

One reason people relocate to Sacramento from the Bay Area is to experience quiet suburbia with the proximity to a lively city. Sacramento’s housing market is competitive but not unreasonable. You can purchase a beautiful home for under $500,000, as the Sacramento median home price is $450,000. And if you’re not ready to buy, the average rent is $1,851 for an 826 square foot apartment, according to RentCafe.

Benefits of Moving to Sacramento From the Bay Area

While both areas are great places to live, Sacramento is significantly more affordable than most Bay Area cities, and its crime rate is still lower than its competing Bay Area.

San Jose has a crime rate of 2,741 crimes per 100,000 people, San Francisco has a crime rate of 4,938 crime rate per 100,000 people (91.3% higher than the state average), Oakland has a crime rate of 6,457 per 100,000 people (150.2% higher than the state average), and Sacramento has one of the lower crime rates of the four, with 3,428 crimes per 100,000 people.

COLI | Median Household Income | Median House Price:

COLI Chart

The Cost Of Living Index (COLI) in Sacramento is 120 versus the COLI in San Francisco (the Bay Area) is 194.1—Sacramento is more affordable than the Bay Area.

Additional benefits to moving from Sacramento to the Bay Area are Sacramento’s great neighborhoods and safe streets. Some cities in the Bay Area aren’t the safest, which is why many people seek out the comfort and stability of Sacramento.

The best neighborhoods in Sacramento:

  • River Park
  • Pocket
  • Village 9
  • East Sacramento

Choosing your new address is a big deal, so it’s best to research before buying. Sacramento has many centrally located, safe, and family-friendly neighborhoods.

Sacramento weather is great most of the year as the summers are warm and toasty, and the winters are cool. The temperature in Sacramento will vary from 39 degrees Fahrenheit to 94 degrees Fahrenheit, with the average high in the hot season being 93 degrees Fahrenheit and an average low in the cold season being 50 degrees Fahrenheit. Expect to see all four seasons in Sacramento.

Looking for things to do in Sacramento? We’ve got you covered! We found some top Sacramento attractions and activities for you and your family.

 Fun things to do in Sacramento:

Sacramento is part of the Sacramento City Unified School District and has tons of great schools for children or young adults. With some of the top-rated public schools in the Sacramento, CA metro, and highly renowned universities like California State University, Sacramento, you’ll surely be surrounded by brilliant, forward-thinking minds. Sacramento is considered one of California’s best kept secrets. Sacramento is a trendy city, and hip city with many millennials and young families; there are numerous trendy bars and restaurants like Ten Ten Room and The Cabin.

Bay Area to Sacramento Movers

Moving to a new city can be exciting, nerve-racking, scary, and stressful (all at once,) so having the best Bay Area to Sacramento long distance movers in your corner is vital. This can be a strenuous period; don’t take on your relocation alone! Hiring a professional team equals money-saved, less stress, and a hiccup-free move.

When you hire a professional Bay Area to Sacramento long distance mover, expect not to lift a finger! A full-service relocation package includes a moving coordinator, carefully packaged items delivered to your new address, disassembling and reassembling services, necessary equipment and supplies, and much more!

  • Save Time

When you hire a professional Bay Area to Sacramento long-distance mover, expect your time spent on this relocation to be cut in half.

  • Save Money

Your hard-earned cash is just as valuable as your time,  Bay Area to Sacramento movers can supply the essential equipment.

  • Safety

Not only is it more affordable to hire a trusted team, but it’s also safer. Long distance moving companies invest thousands of dollars into the proper equipment and supplies to ensure your belongings are safe and sound. Don’t endanger yourself, your loved ones, or your property; let trained professionals handle the heavy lifting. 

There are numerous benefits to hiring a professional Bay Area to Sacramento moving company for relocation help, but above are some of the top reasons.

Why AMS Relocation is Your Best Bay Area to Sacramento Moving Company Choice

Finding a reliable Bay Area to Sacramento long distance mover isn’t easy; it’s a highly populated area with many long distance moving companies.

Here are some surefire signs you’ve found the right team to assist your long-distance endeavor.

  • They are well-known, come recommended, and have been in business for a significant time
  • They’re licensed and insured
  • They have impeccable yelp and Google reviews
  • Their employees are trusted and have background checks
  • They’ve completed a significant amount of moves
  • They offer the services you need
  • They have the proper equipment to complete your relocation properly and safely
  • They have a low claims rate
  • They’re bonded

When adequate research isn’t conducted, people can hire non-reputable movers, resulting in lost or damaged items. Issues like underestimates and showing up late are common when working with an unreliable mover. Avoid these mishaps by hiring efficient Bay Area to Sacramento long-distance movers like AMS Relocation. We offer dedicated trucks to ensure you have the same truck your entire move and will also delivery packing boxes and materials to your residence. We’ve been in business for over 130 years; we’re licensed and insured, bonded, and have 45 trusted, background-checked employees.

We provide all supplies you’ll need; whether it be moving boxes, packing supplies, or serves such as white glove delivery or piano moving and we have the man power to carry-out your move.

Our crew members experience an exceptional training program, have a friendly demeanor, and have a can-do, will-do mentality. You and your belongings will be treated with the utmost respect and courtesy.

Bay Area to Sacramento Moving Cost

Every move is priced differently, and that price is dependent on many variables. Regarding relocating from the Bay Area to Sacramento, these parameters will be taken into consideration are:

  • Distance between origin and destination. While this is considered a long-distance move, it’s not an intrastate relocation, so you won’t need out-of-state movers (which could affect the cost). No matter your origin, you will receive a fair and affordable long-distance moving quote. 
  • Weight (or volume) of your belongings.
  • Desired move-out and move-in dates (weekends, peak season, etc.).
  • Additional services (e.g., packing and unpacking, piano moving, or white glove delivery).
  • Storage at the origin or destination. Many people need storage when moving, but storage services are not covered in your relocation price. It will be considered an add-on, but the cost is minimal and well worth it!

Companies must know the exact parameters of your relocation to provide a detailed quote. Contact your Bay Area to Sacramento movers for an accurate and affordable estimate. 

Bay Area to Sacramento Distances & Travel Information

Once your belongings are packed and on their way, all that’s left to do is pack yourself! Whether you’re flying, driving, taking a bus or plane, we have all the necessary information below with some long-distance moving tips

  • Driving from the Bay Area to Sacramento 

It’s 78.8 miles from the Bay Area to Sacramento. Expect this short 78.8-mile car drive to take around an hour and 16 minutes without traffic.

Here are a few recommended pit stops to make your drive easier and more interesting: Grizzly Island Wildlife Area, Chick-Fil-A, and the Dixon Gas & Shop

  • Flying from the Bay Area to Sacramento 

Flight prices will depend on your chosen airline, travel dates, and how many people are making the trip.

The San Francisco International Airport is the most well-rated and commonly used airport within the Bay Area. The most efficient route would be a direct flight to the Sacramento International Airport; the average flight duration for that trip is 1:13 minutes. 

  • Traveling from the Bay Area to Sacramento by train

While traveling via train or bus isn’t super common, it’s often the most affordable option. Amtrak has multiple routes traveling from San Francisco to Sacramento Valley.

Name of the route: SFC San Francisco, CA SAC to Sacramento, CA Sacramento Valley Station

Average ticket price: $50

Average duration: 2:30 minutes

Additional information: Most trips consist of two segments. Segment 1: Connecting Bus

Operated by Amtrak Chartered Motorcoach 6642. Segment 2: Amtrak train to the destination. No matter the endeavor, seeking professional Bay Area to Sacramento movers will  help result in a smoother transition. Moving is no easy feat; our team wants to help make this journey an easy one! Moving to Sacramento is the right decision if you want safer, more affordable living. Before taking on this relocation alone, call AMS Relocation at 650-284-2931; we’ll provide a free detailed, affordable quote while answering any of your questions or concerns.


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