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Three Helpful Moving Tips for a Move to Assisted Living

Last Updated on: 26th August 2021, 03:01 am

Making the decision to move into an assisted living community is often bittersweet. It can be hard to say goodbye to the Bay Area home you’ve lived in for decades, but you also have so much to look forward to: a new environment, new friends, and a new sense of freedom and independence. The decision to move is hard enough…so make the actual trip as simple as possible by following these three tips for hassle-free assisted living moving and storage!

1. Reach out to Family and Friends.

If you’re like most seniors, you probably haven’t moved in a while. Here at AMS Bekins, some of our senior clients hadn’t moved homes in over 40 or 50 years!When so much time has passed, it’s easy to forget just how physically and emotionally taxing a household move can be. 

Keep yourself from feeling overwhelmed by leaning on your support network:

  • Call friends to update them and ask for any tips, tricks, or even funny stories about their own moving experiences.
  • Check in with family members just to chat and discuss your move. It’s always helpful to have a second set of eyes and ears on the job!
  • Get recommendations from loved ones for trustworthy San Francisco storage facilities and moving companies.
  • Ask for help with pre-move tasks such as buying packing supplies and selling/donating items.

2. Organize, Organize, Organize.

An especially challenging aspect of assisted living moving and storage is the fact that you’ll likely be downsizing significantly. You simply can’t take every chair, pillow, or decorative knick-knack you’ve accumulated over the last 20 years.

To get started organizing, think first about what you can’t live without: essential pieces of furniture, favorite items of clothing, and keepsakes with emotional significance. For everything else, consider whether you really need that item, whether it will actually fit in your new space, and whether you’d be better off purchasing a new one when you arrive.

It may be tempting to keep everything now and deal with it all later, but it’ll only be harder to sort through your things in your new place—not to mention the money wasted moving things unnecessarily!

3. Hire Professional Bay Area Movers.

Even if you’re really excited about this brand-new stage of your life, it can still be emotionally draining. That’s why hiring a company that’s experienced in moving and storage for seniors is one of the best choices you can make! With friends and family for emotional support and Bay Area movers for professional support, you’ll be able to process this big life change and come to terms with it on your own time.

Ready to Discuss Assisted Living Moving and Storage? Call AMS Bekins Today

AMS Bekins has been a professional moving company serving the San Francisco Bay Area since 1949. A family-owned business now in our third generation of ownership, we provide all of our assisted living moving and storage services based on an old-fashioned philosophy: “Help People.” It’s just that simple!

We’d love to help you through this exciting yet challenging time of your life with our team of professional, courteous, and caring Bay Area movers. Get started with a free in-home senior moving quote—with no obligation to you—by calling us or sending our online form now.


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