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What to Do With Moving Boxes After a Move

Last Updated on: 14th January 2024, 07:06 am

The stress of moving comes in many forms, from packing up your entire household to choosing the right team of Belmont movers to handle the details of your relocation. While the chaos of prepping for moving day can be exhausting, there is nothing better than breathing a sigh of relief when you finally arrive with all your belongings at your new home.

But now it’s time to start the unpacking process!

Unpacking all the boxes that come with moving is a process, and you are likely to find yourself left with a massive pile of packing materials, used boxes, and wrapping taking up space in your new home after your items are all put in their correct spots. So, now what?

Getting rid of your old moving boxes doesn’t have to add to the stress of relocation, and the team at AMS Bekins has some out-of-the-box ideas for reusing and recycling those materials in a fun, easy way:

  • Get Creative: Remember the days when a simple cardboard box was a rocket ship or castle in your childlike eyes? Give your kids the gift of imaginary play and let them go to town decorating the boxes and creating a new world of make-believe before eventually breaking them down for recycling.
  • Repurpose for Storage: Most of us could use a bit more organization in our lives, and moving boxes are often sturdy, durable, and perfect for storage. Whether you need to streamline your basement organization system or need to pack up some items to move to a self-storage facility, use what you have lying around before going out and buying new.
  • Help Out a Friend: Anyone who is planning a move is on the search for quality boxes, so why not help out your local friends, family, and neighbors? Offer boxes up for sale or for free on your local Craigslist site or Freecycle, and give someone else a hand in taking the stress out of their move.
  • Build a New Garden: What’s better than fresh flowers, vegetables, and plants in a home garden? Recycle your old boxes to build planters, or learn about the new gardening trend that uses old packing materials to fertilize and support a gardening space.

Moving comes with challenges, but getting rid of your old packing boxes and materials doesn’t have to be one of them! For more tips and tricks for a successful move and to find out how the pros at our premier Belmont moving company can help with your next relocation, contact AMS Bekins today! We’d be happy to get you set up with a free, no-obligation estimate and consultation.


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