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Willow Glen San Jose Neighborhood Guide ☀️😍| Why You’ll LOVE Living in Willow Glen San Jose

Last Updated on: 21st February 2024, 11:49 am

Located just a few miles southwest of Downtown San Jose, Willow Glen is a vibrant and cozy neighborhood with endless attractions and things to do. Walking down the tree-lined streets of Willow Glen, it’s easy to fall in love with this charming neighborhood. Willow Glen is a good place to live for singles, families, and retirees alike. Here’s everything you need to know about living in Willow Glen San Jose.

Where Is Willow Glen San Jose?

Willow Glen San Jose is in Santa Clara County and is only 3.8 miles southwest of Downtown San Jose. The Willow Glen zip code is 95125, and the Willow Glen area code is 408. Some of the communities bordering Willow Glen include Burbank, Campbell, Cambrian Park, and Robertsville.

The northern edge of Willow Glen is bordered by Interstate 280, providing residents with easy access to surrounding cities and communities. Additionally, you can take advantage of the Caltrain and Altamont Corridor Express rail services, as well as the Valley Transportation Authority bus and light rail service. When living in Willow Glen, you can easily commute from place to place on foot, as the area is very walkable.

Map Of Willow Glen San Jose

Willow Glen History & Overview

Willow Glen San Jose CA first began in the mid-1800s as the Mexican land grants of Rancho de los Coches and Rancho San Juan Bautista. During the 1800s, the area was very popular among farmers as it was one of the best locations in the Santa Clara Valley for raising wheat, barley, hay, and tobacco.

Many years later, the area was named “Willow Glen,” after the marshy wet area between the Guadalupe River and Los Gatos Creek, which contained many willows and cattails. The area was incorporated as a city in 1927. However, the city’s lack of an independent sewer system (which is required for a city) presented challenges, and the residents voted to be annexed to San Jose and be linked to San Jose’s sewage system in 1936.

Today, Willow Glen is known for its historic homes, thriving small business scene, and charming tree-lined streets. 

Willow Glen Demographics:

  • Willow Glen population: 26,056
  • Median household income: $180,353 (compared to the San Jose average of $126,377)
  • Median age: 41.1
  • Foreign-born population: 18.6%
  • Racial & ethnic composition: 75.7% White (59.2% non-Hispanic), 12.1% Asian, 5.7% two or more races, 3.2% Black or African American, 2.0% American Indian

What’s It Like Living In Willow Glen San Jose?

What’s it like living in Willow Glen San Jose? Willow Glen is popular among people of all ages. Its close proximity to the downtown are, as well as the abundance of Willow Glen jobs, makes it popular among young professionals and couples, while its family-friendly atmosphere makes it a great place to live for people looking to raise children. Willow Glen provides a small-town feel while still providing residents with access to big-city amenities.

When living in the area, you’ll find several Willow Glen events that bring the community together. The neighborhood celebrates Founders’ Day, which is a day in September that celebrates the rich history of the community of Willow Glen. This event features a parade as well as live music and street vendors.

One of the most unique elements of living in the area is the Willow Glen Christmas decorations. In a tradition started in 1950, all of the residents and business owners in Willow Glen purchase very small Christmas trees and place them in the front yard ten feet from the sidewalk. This tradition now stretches to over 200 streets in the greater San Jose area, creating a cheerful and cozy atmosphere during the Christmas season.

Things To Do In Willow Glen San Jose – Best Restaurants, Attractions & Shopping

Aren’t sure what to do in Willow Glen? There are plenty of amazing Willow Glen restaurants, parks, and attractions for you to check out in the area. These are just a few things to check out after moving to Willow Glen.


There is no shortage of incredible restaurants in Willow Glen San Jose CA. Some of the best restaurants in Willow Glen include Bill’s Cafe, Johns of Willow Glen, Cafe San Jose, and Willow Glen Creamery. You will also find several cozy bars in Willow Glen, such as Willow Den Public House and Rookies Sports Lodge.


Downtown Willow Glen is peppered with amazing retail shopping opportunities. Some of the best places to shop in Willow Glen are Willow Plaza, Foxworthy Shopping Center, and Willow Glen Town Square.

Things To Do

One of the best things to do in Willow Glen is to get outside and enjoy the fresh air. There are several amazing parks in Willow Glen, including Willow Glen Park, Willow Street Frank Bramhall Park, and Lincoln Glen Park. In addition to these amazing Willow Glen Parks, you can also venture into the downtown area to check out attractions like Happy Hollow Park & Zoo and the Municipal Rose Garden.

Here’s where you’ll find these fun things to do and restaurants in Willow Glen.

Willow Glen Schools

After moving to Willow Glen, your children will be served by the San Jose Unified School District. The SJUS contains 42 schools and serves 25,677 students. Some of the schools within the Willow Glen neighborhood include Willow Glen High School, Schallenberger Elementary School, and River Glen School.

If you are searching for private schools in Willow Glen, then you’re in luck. Presentation High School, Hammer Montessori Elementary, and St. Christopher School are all great options. The latter school is a private Catholic school that offers classes to students in grades kindergarten through eight.

Due to its close proximity to Downtown San Jose, there are plenty of higher education options available. William Jessup University, Bryman College, and San Jose City College are all within a few miles of Willow Glen.

If you need a quiet place to study or want to grab a good book, check out the Willow Glen Library San Jose CA.

Is Willow Glen Safe?

Is the Willow Glen neighborhood safe? Let’s take a look at the crime rate in Willow Glen.

  • Overall crime: 2,758 crimes per 100,000 people (19% higher than the national average and 14.1% lower than the San Jose average)
  • Violent crime: 508 crimes per 100,000 people (37% higher than the national average and 3.6% lower than the San Jose average)
  • Property crime: 2,250 crimes per 100,000 people (15% higher than the national average and 16.3% lower than the San Jose average)

Although the crime rate in the neighborhood is higher than the national average, Willow Glen is a safe place to live. Because San Jose is such a big city, the crime rate will naturally be a bit higher. It is also important to note that the crime rate in Willow Glen is well below the San Jose crime rate in every category, making it one of the safest places to live in the city of San Jose.

When living in Willow Glen San Jose CA, you will be protected by the San Jose Police Department.

Willow Glen Real Estate

Do you want to purchase Willow Glen San Jose real estate? Whether you are looking for Willow Glen condos or Willow Glen townhomes, the neighborhood has it all. However, it is not cheap to look for houses for sale in Willow Glen CA. According to Redfin, the average price of homes in Willow Glen San Jose is $1.7 million. This is up 14.6% compared to last year and is well above the national average of $408,459. It is also above the San Jose average of $1.28 million.


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You will also find several apartments in Willow Glen San Jose CA. A few popular apartment complexes include Glen Willow Apartments, Avalon Willow Glen, Willow Park Apartments San Jose, and Villas Willow Glen Apartments. According to RentCafe, the average rent in Willow Glen is $3,055 per month. This is above both the national average of $1,718 and the San Jose average of $2,961. Willow Glen is actually one of the most expensive neighborhoods in San Jose, just below the neighborhoods of Burbank ($3,295 per month), North San Jose ($3,142 per month), and Rose Garden ($3,104 per month).

Does living in Willow Glen San Jose CA sound perfect to you? Once you have found your dream home, give our expert team a call. Our Willow Glen movers will get you settled into your new home quickly and seamlessly. Contact the team at AMS Relocation by calling 650-284-2931 for a free quote!


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