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Hiring San Francisco Bay Area Moving Help and Moving Labor

When it comes to relocating your belongings, sometimes all you need is an extra set of hands. Even if you plan on transporting your boxes and furniture to the final destination on your own, you might still need help with the packing, organizing, and coordination of the project. In that case, hiring professionals in San Francisco moving helpers is the perfect solution. At AMS Relocation, we offer San Francisco Bay Area moving help in San Mateo, Santa Clara, Marin, Alameda, and Contra Costa County. 

Moving can be challenging, especially if the project is large and complicated. Professional Bay Area moving helpers can make the job much less complicated by bringing the professional tools and organizational systems needed to ensure everything runs smoothly.

San Francisco moving labor includes virtually every task associated with a standard relocation, except for the transportation to the final destination. While any professional moving company will gladly assist with transportation as well, this is considered a regular move and will cost extra.

Benefits of San Francisco Bay Area Help Moving:

  • Convenience
  • Control
  • Flexibility
  • Safety
  • Affordability
  • Time Savings
  • Reduce change of damage
  • Make the project easier

San Francisco Bay Area moving help includes the following services:

  • Packing/unpacking help
  • Organizing and labeling boxes
  • Creation of a project plan
  • Loading/unloading the truck or container
  • Procurement of tools and packing supplies
  • Lifting heavy objects
  • Assembling and disassembling furniture
  • Offering the training, experience, and professional background of San Francisco movers for hire

Reason for Hiring Moving Help in San Francisco

You might require San Francisco moving labor services for many reasons. Some clients simply need the guidance and experience of professionals to ensure the project is completed on time and on schedule. Others plan to transport items using a Uhaul or moving container but need the additional manpower to organize their belongings and load the vessel. Here are some common reasons customers request San Francisco Bay Area moving help.

Load/unload a moving container

A moving container is a large metal box that comes in various sizes and offers the ability to pack it full of your belongings for transit to your final destination. Many reputable companies offer moving container services, such as PODS, Pack Rat, ABF Relo Cubes, U-Box, Zippy Shell, Units Storage, and more. San Francisco local moving help can be a lifesaver when you get a moving container because they can ensure you organize everything efficiently and maximize the space.

Truck rental loading/unloading

Another common reason for hiring professional moving help is to get assistance loading a truck rental. Hiring San Francisco Uhaul movers at either the origin or final destination (or both) is a great idea. You can rent a truck from a reputable company such as U-Haul, Penske, Budget Truck Rental, Enterprise, and more. Bay Area U-haul movers can help you load up the truck, keep everything organized and even meet you at your final destination to unload the cargo.

Freight trailers are often used by businesses transferring a large quantity of equipment or inventory to a new location. Still, they can come in handy in many different scenarios, such as long distance or international moves. You can rent a freight trailer from companies like ABF U-Pack, Old Dominion Household Services, and Broadway Express. San Francisco moving assistance is ideal for freight trailer loading because the crew can handle all the organization and heavy lifting while you focus on the journey ahead.

Self storage move-un/move out

Moving items in and out of a self-storage unit can be just as challenging as any regular move. San Francisco Bay area moving help can be a lifesaver when moving into or out of a storage unit. The crew can help you make sure your belongings are packed and organized to get the most out of the space and ensure you can access and find everything when you need it.


Packing is one of the most arduous tasks relating to any relocation. San Francisco labor for moving is a great way to speed up the packing process and keep everything professionally organized and secure. Plus, the crew will even bring boxes and other packing materials so you can focus on more important matters.

Remodeling a home

Remodeling a home can be stressful, especially when figuring out where to keep your belongings while the work is being completed. San Francisco moving labor help will reduce that stress and allow you to keep everything organized. They can even return when the work is finished to help you put everything back.

Cost of Hiring Bay Area Moving Helpers

The cost of hiring San Francisco moving help will vary depending on the difficulty of the job. San Francisco Bay Area U-Haul movers typically charge by the hour and bill you based on the number of hours worked, the size of the crew needed to complete the job, and whether additional services are requested (storage, packing, unpacking, etc.)

The best way to get an idea of how much it will cost to get San Francisco moving help by the hour is to contact any companies you might want to work with and request a free estimate. An experienced crew will ask you a few questions about the project and provide you with an affordable estimate based on the required work.

Hire AMS Relocation for San Francisco Bay Area Moving Help

Finding quality Bay Area moving help is easier said than done. You can always benefit from the knowledge and experience of a seasoned crew. However, you must be sure they are reputable and highly rated first. Here are a few things to keep an eye on when researching potential candidates:

  • Check reviews on Google or Yelp
  • Visit their website and look for key statistics (how many moves they’ve performed, years in business, claims rate, etc.)
  • Confirm they are fully licensed and insured
  • Look for any mention of proper safety equipment or professional training
  • Verify the quality of their customer service
  • Make sure your needs are fully met

At AMS Relocation, we are a fully licensed, bonded, and insured San Francisco Bay Area moving company with more than 70 years of experience in the industry. We’ve served more than 250,000 customers and maintain a claims rate of less than 1%. We have a team of highly trained packing professionals offering San Francisco Bay area moving help who are fully background checked and employed (no contractors). We supply free custom crating, high-value artwork crating, wardrobe boxes, and anything else you need to prepare for your journey.

Tips and Resources for San Francisco DIY Moving

Here are a few useful resources for DIY Moves:

Ready to hire the best San Francisco Bay Area U-haul movers and packing help? We serve San Francisco and the Bay Area, as well as San Mateo, Santa Clara, Marin, Alameda, and Contra Costa County. Call 650-284-2931 or fill out the form on our website to request a quote.