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Celebrating 75 Years Of Moving The Local Bay Area

San Francisco/Bay Area Movers & Packers

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While the thrill of moving your home or business often provides a level of excitement and opens doors to success, it usually comes with a lot of stress and headache. We’ve all been there, and we’ve all needed to relocate for one reason or another. Arguably the worst part about moving is packing. Whether you’re buying a home, growing your business, moving in with loved ones, or simply changing apartments, you can save time, money, and stress on your body by leveraging good San Francisco and Bay Area movers and packers to help you!

Important Note: Our San Francisco packing company services San Mateo, Santa Clara, Marin, Alameda, and Contra Costa County as well!

Why Hire AMS Relocation for San Francisco Packing Services

Most people know that they can simply handle the packing on their own, but if we’re being honest, usually you’ll have a lot to do and not a lot of time to do it in. You’ll need to rely on the help of friends and family to help you clean, organize, and pack all of your belongings intelligently. Sometimes, as the stress of the task at hand weighs on people that are relocating, we’ve found they sacrifice the quality of their work just to finish in a timely manner which puts their belongings at unnecessary risk. In a few unfortunate scenarios, this can actually add unnecessary risk that manifests in bodily injury. We suggest avoiding that entirely. Apart from the fact that our experienced San Francisco movers and packers have helped hundreds of people in the San Francisco and Bay Area protect their belongings, we also:

  • Eliminate waste by minimizing effort and maximizing material use
  • Limit damage by knowing proper packing techniques
  • Organize and label in ways the everyday mover wouldn’t think to
  • Save stress and avoid physical injuries for customers
  • Are licensed and insured with a low claims rate
  • Combine San Francisco packing services with loading and moving services
  • Save you time, so you can focus on other important tasks

Bay Area Packing Services

Being the premier Bay area packing and moving company hasn’t come easy, and we didn’t gain the reputation overnight. With ample experience in the moving and relocation field, our professionals are equipped with the knowledge and expertise necessary to provide a full range of packing services for our customers. Keep in mind as you review our different packing service options that we can help you with some particularly difficult equipment you’d find in a home gym, some especially heavy furniture, or can help you pack up your entire home or business and everything in between.

Dedicated Moving Coordinator – Included with all of our moving customers. We have a moving coordinator assigned to your case to essentially manage everything from start to finish. Their job is to make sure your belongings are packed, loaded, relocated, unloaded, and unpacked in the most intelligent manner without you having to worry about anything at all. This coordinator will know all the best tips and tricks when it comes to packing services and can help you decide what is or isn’t necessary while directing the soldiers working in the packing battlefield.

Piano Packing – Moving a piano is especially difficult. The average piano weighs 750 pounds, and some pianos can push the 1500 pound mark. Relocating these heavy beasts requires equipment, finesse, and techniques that not everybody has and only professionals can provide. We know these are considered showpieces in any home or business. We will pack up and can move your precious musical instruments without hassle, and you can sleep easy tonight not having to worry about damage to your piano.

White Glove Handling – Our highly trained San Francisco packing company has personnel are able to handle fine art, antiques, and fragile pieces of furniture and equipment without the slightest bit of damage or risk to your most precious items. Remember that we are bonded with all the necessary insurance to cover any sort of loss or claim… but you won’t need it!

Packing Materials – Maybe you don’t really want a packing company to do it for you or simply don’t need the help, but you find you’re running low on all the necessary materials to do it yourself. No problem, we’ve got you covered! Let us know what you need, from specialty boxes, totes, and tape to dollies and carts.

Storage – It sounds like a different service, but it’s directly related. Sometimes it’s really nice to be able to put some of your packed items away in a short-term container just to be able to see what more you have to do and work with.

Don’t worry about extra, hidden costs. We use materials customers have already purchased before using what we bring. We provide free wardrobes for use on local and intrastate moves. We offer custom crating for your specialty items. We DO NOT use contractors – all of our personnel work directly for us. We do not put your property at any sort of unnecessary risk.

San Francisco & Bay Area Packers Cost

Using San Francisco packing and moving companies to help you pack for your home or business move never costs as much as people think it would. While Bay area packing services are an additional cost on top of the usual Bay area packing and moving services you’d be utilizing, they’re not significantly more. A lot of times, you can save even more money on both by bundling our services together – not to mention the amount of time it saves to have us load our trucks right there as we’re finished packing. The different parts and pieces of the San Francisco packing services we offer will dictate the overall cost of your Bay Area move, and our coordinator will be able to give you a full, itemized quote before we show up to help you pack. Other things that may dictate your total cost will be:

  • The amount of materials needed to get the job done
  • How quickly the job needs to get done
  • When the job needs to get done (weekends will cost more than weekdays)
  • Will we need to plan for specialty crates?
  • Are you going to help our personnel with the packing process?

Trust the San Francisco Packing Service Professionals

Being the premier San Francisco Bay Area packing and moving services company has allowed us to help people pack and move their belongings in and around San Mateo, Santa Clara, Marin, Alameda, and Contra Costa County as well. Our Google reviews speak for themselves as we’ve got well over a 4-star rating in a high-demand area, with high-demand moving jobs. Give us a call today at 650-284-2931, or fill out the form right on our website to receive your free quote today!