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Celebrating 75 Years Of Moving The Local Bay Area

San Francisco Bay Piano Movers

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Moving a Piano in San Francisco/Bay Area With AMS Relocation

Are you the proud owner of a Grand, Baby Grand, Upright (or Spinet), or Digital piano? As one of the most beloved instruments of all time, these pieces are revered for many reasons. Their exceptional sound, timeless relevance, and sentimental appeal make them an instrument that is routinely passed down from generation to generation. Filling rooms with awe-inspiring music, it should come as no surprise that over 30,000 new pianos are produced in the U.S. every single year.

Understanding how precious these instruments are to their owners, we’ve created a dedicated piano moving service to provide careful yet efficient transportation. Serving San Francisco, the Bay Area, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Marin, Alameda and Contra Costa County, your piano will arrive at its new location in perfect condition.

Hiring Professional San Francisco/Bay Area Piano Movers - Top Reasons

Why hire experienced and trustworthy Bay Area piano movers? There are a number of incredibly importantnt reasons for doing so. Unlike a standard move that involves mostly replaceable, lightweight, and unbreakable items, moving a piano is a totally different undertaking.

DIY piano moves are dangerous for both you and your instrument. The average piano weighs an estimated 750 pounds, with some as heavy as 1,400 pounds. Moving, loading/unloading, and transporting an item of this size is not to be taken lightly. Inexperienced movers can seriously injure themselves when attempting to move a heavy piano.

On top of the chance of injury, pianos are extremely fragile and expensive. Because of the special skills and equipment (such as a dolly) needed to successfully move these showpieces, DIY moves are extremely risky. Breakage and damage can easily occur, resulting in $100s to $1,000s of dollars in damage. If severe enough, DIY moves can result in irreparable damage to your piano.

To eliminate the potential risks and stress involved with trying to move your prized piano yourself, invest in the cost of hiring piano movers in San Francisco. The affordable price you’ll pay for these services can save you physical pain, the expense of repairs, or even the loss of a valued family heirloom.

San Francisco/Bay Area Piano Movers Require Specialized Equipment & Training

Due to their size and fragile design, specialized equipment is an absolute must when moving a piano. Without the right tools, it is impossible to properly or safely relocate any style. Your chosen piano mover should always bring the following items when fulfilling your service:

  • Tools and equipment
    • Piano dolly
        • Upright
        • Baby Grand and Grand
    • Tie down straps
    • Moving blankets
    • Shrinkwrap
    • Furniture dolly – 4 wheeler with carpet on top
  • Truck
    • Either a liftgate or a ramp depending on the size/style
    • Tie downs in the truck to secure the piano for the ride
Specialized equipment is rendered useless without the right skills. That’s why our crew at AMS Relocation is trained in the nuances and techniques needed to safely and securely move and transport a piano. From prep work to disassembly and reassembly, our team knows how to move each style of piano. This ensures that every instrument arrives in the exact condition as when we first arrived.

Choosing the Best San Francisco/Bay Area Piano Mover

Don’t trust your piano to anyone! When looking for the best San Francisco/Bay Area piano movers, there is a certain set of criteria you should assess.

Here are some of the top things you should look for in a quality Bay Area piano mover:

  • Read through the company’s Yelp and Google Reviews
  • Verify proper licensing and insurance
  • Explore important company stats, including their claims rate, referral rate, and how long they’ve been in business
  • See what kind of equipment and materials they use for transporting pianos (everything used should be specific to the type of piano you own)
  • Exceptional customer service

At AMS Relocation we’re proud to have a 4.5/5.0 Google Review rating. We are an agent of Bekins, giving us access to some of the best trucks in the nation. Founded in 1949, we’ve had the privilege of serving over 250,000 customers during our time in business. We have a less than one percent claims rate, and have earned a multitude of awards.

San Francisco/Bay Area Piano Moving Cost

Hesitant to commit to San Francsco piano movers due to cost? Finding affordable Bay Area piano movers is easier than you might think.

As discussed above, investing in these specialized moving services is crucial to prevent injury, and to avoid having to pay $1,000s in repairs in the event that damage occurs. When transporting one of your most valuable possessions, especially if it is a family heirloom, you don’t want to leave the results up to chance.

How much is the San Francisco cost to hire piano movers? The exact answer for your unique situation will require a custom quote. However, there are select factors that can alter the final cost. When calculating your Bay Area piano movers quote, we assess a list of variables. This includes the distance (in miles) that the piano will be moved, whether you live in a one-story or a multi-level residence, and the style of your piano. If you are budgeting for this specific expense, you should call us to request a free quote.

Once we’ve moved your piano to its new home in the Bay Area, San Francisco, San Mateo, Santa Clara, Marin, Alameda or Contra Costa County, it is recommended that you get a professional tuning. Even when handling a piano with the highest degree of care, most piano owners opt for a tuning to compensate for any shifts that occur in the transportation process. Contact AMS Relocation now to schedule your piano moving service at 650-284-2931.